It would be my pleasure to assist you with selling or buying your next home! Born and raised in Holland Michigan, It is my honor to help others buy and sell homes in my hometown. I take great pride in our city and the entire West Michigan Region. I have traveled around this country and West Michigan is truly one of the best places to live. We have the beaches and laketown living, we have vibrant downtown shopping, Tulip Time Festival, Coast Gaurd Festival, Friendly Communities, We get all 4 beautiful seasons, amazing hiking trails, I could go on and on. If you need help with Pre-Approval, First Time Home Ownership, House Hunting, Mortgage Questions, Writing an Offer, Contract Negotiating, Buying or Selling your home in West Michigan, It would be a joy to serve anyway I can to help get it done. Contact me anytime @ 616-298-6222 / gsenters@westmichiganhomegroup.com

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